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Breathe It. Live It. Express It.

Quality Productions That Make a Lasting Impact

Pathways Dance Company gathers community to learn, create and share through dance classes, and innovative performances.



Pathways Dance Company (PDC) is a contemporary modern dance company producing thoughtful, progressive, equitable and accessible performances in Portland, Oregon since 2019. Directed by two emerging female choreographers, PDC upholds the voices of women and non-binary movement artists within the community. We work to create inviting and nurturing spaces for dancers to excel and feel empowered in rehearsals and classes. Both our classes and performances are offered on a sliding scale and can be accessed in-person or virtually. We believe that dance is for everybody no matter one’s race, background, ability, size, gender or socio-economic status. We invite all to experience dance.



We envision centering womxn voices in the dance community, fostering body positivity, creating welcoming environments for all to experience dance, and providing affordable and accessible performances. We imagine a dance community that celebrates everyone for exactly who they are and where they are in their journey with dance.

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